Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I hope to accomplish this summer:

1. Hire a cleaning lady/service. Nothing too extravagant. Just someone to come in twice a month and do the things I hate to do. Baseboards, bathrooms, windows, etc.

2. Losing about 20 more pounds would be nice.

3. Run our half marathon we've been training so hard for. Technically that is scheduled for the beginning of September....that's kind of this summer.

4. Get Leila enrolled at The Little Gym. Malakai started when he was a little over a year, and I don't want her to feel shorted.

5. Get family pictures taken. I won a raffle at one of our trivia nights. It includes a 2-3 hour sitting at a location of our choice, and a story collage of pictures. One 16 X 20, 2 11X14's, and 4 5X7's framed and matted. Problem is just finding the right time to do it.

6. Scrap.

7. Keep my little sister for a long weekend, without my dad and Lisa. They take Malakai for a week every summer AND winter and they have yet to let me keep her!

8. Read the following:

9. Plan and complete a "work" float trip! I have always vowed that I would NEVER go on a canoe trip again since I had an AWFUL experience in 1997. Alli, if you read this, surely you can remember :) I haven't been since then, however, there is a time in life to get over it and move on. This is my attempt to do that.
10. Convince Josh that purchasing a Kindle2 for myself is a totally, logical, purchase.


Katie Thomson said...

Good Luck with your list!!
I hope you get your cleaning lady!
If you lose any more weight...you will be nothing! You look great already! (Hoping to start the Biggest Loser at work in August!)

Sarah McK said...

I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It was a great book! A quick read but very interesting and engaging. Great characters!

Lisa Rader said...

You have kept Kiera overnight before! But we can plan a weekend this summer.

I look LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spending my 2 weeks with Malakai. I feel like that is not enough!

I also do it to help you, cause you go non-stop and are an over-achiver, so I look at it as quality time for all of us!

I want a Kindle2 TOO! Maybe you can buy me one for my birthday 9/3 and I'll you one for your birthday 9/18! Do you think the guys will catch on?

Colleen said...

OMG-look at your closet commenter! I want to read the Nora Roberts wedding series, it looks amazing. Just read Friday Night Knitting Club, so good, you should add it to your list!