Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Better Late Than Never!!

1. I too Kate, can honestly say I didn't cheat on this Ten on Tuesday! Bella (the perfect bulldog) ate thru the cord that charges my laptop! I finally got Josh to rig it so I could get on and do this :) I went to Best Buy to buy a new one and it was $100!! I had my receipt at home with the warranty information so that's another trip for another day.

2. We have had a crazy busy weekend! Friday night Malakai's T-ball team had a night out at Busch Stadium. We went to the game and the kids (and parents) got to do a lap around the ballpark! It was very exciting and we had a fabulous time. After getting there early, waiting for what seemed like forever to walk the field, getting dinner, and finally sitting down at our seats, our kids were exhausted! We made it to the third inning before we decided it was time to go. Not without stop at Build A Bear so the kids could build a special "2009 All-star" bear. The All-star game is being held here this year so I thought that would be a neat keepsake for them :)

3. We had SEVERAL bar-b-q's over the holiday weekend. Good times spent with friends, good food, and just plain ole Mid Western fun!

4. I took the kids to the carnival at Saint Paul (Malakai's new school) on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and since Leila is still too little to do a lot, Malakai loves leading the way. He did all the rides with no fear at all! Take a look at this slide that he did all by his self! We had snow cones and headed home to wait for Daddy to get home from work.

5. I think I am actually going to get my little sister this summer for a weekend! Looks like it is going to be over the 4th of July since I don't work that Friday. My dad and Lisa are going to do a weekend trip to Vegas and she is all mine for the whole weekend!! I can't wait! Malakai loves playing with her and she seems to be the only one who gets away with bossing him around :)

6. I'm sure you remember from last week that I had Leila's one year pictures done. The proofs are done and I'm in love with every single one of them. If you wouldn't mind taking a look, I would love opinions. Josh and I are having a very difficult time picking our favorites. You can find them at the following link:

7. I am in love with Skip Schumaker!! I told Josh if he couldn't find me when we were on the field at the Cardinals game that it was probably because I disappeared into the locker room looking for Skip! He then preceded to tell me that he would not bail me out of jail! Nuff said :)

8. Snakes are horrible here this summer! They seem to mostly be the black snakes that aren't poisoness, but they are huge!! We are talking between 4 to 6 feet! I have had several people I know personally who have had them in their yard and my mom apparently has a nest on her front porch!! A guy came out to set traps because they are illegal to kill and he said he doesn't know how many there are exactly but at least 6!! Three of them just chill on her sidewalk everyday around 3pm! Screw that!! If we have a snake I am getting a hotel and not coming home until Josh has vivid proof that they are GONE!!

9. I enrolled Kai in a Summer camp at a local park. Just for one week in June and two weeks in July. It is Mon-Fri from 9-1. He is VERY excited!! He gets to take his lunch (which he has never had to do before), play in sprinklers, be outside, and play, play, play! It is only $37 for the week!! Isn't that like dirt cheap!!?? He and Josh are going to pick out a lunch box tomorrow since apparently the one I picked at Pottery Barn isn't cool enough! I'm sure they will come home with the most obnoxious cartoon character one they could find, but hey, it's just summer camp right? ;)

10. Malakai is staying at my dad and Lisa's the week of June 08th. He does this every year for a week in November and a week in June. He loves it! My fabulous Aunt Cindi called me to let me know that she wanted to take Leila that week! Could you imagine?! A week with no kids!? What would I do?! She was going to take the week off work and just spoil and love Leila the entire time. Guess what? Josh said "NO WAY!" He loves my Aunt Cindi but he won't part with his little Leilicious! He says that Kai was almost 2 before we let him stay at my Dad's for a week, so he doesn't want Leila doing it until she is 2. He is such a buzz kill!


Colleen said...

$37 is a SMOKING DEAL! Can I send Jackson to stay with you so he can go??? If I paid for the plane ticket, it would probably still be cheaper than his summer program! Malakai will have a BLAST! As for the lunchbox, your Pottery Barn one would place him in dorkville really fast! My cartoon character rule has expanded to place lunchboxes in the category of ok, it now includes underwear, pajamas and lunchboxes!

K to the M said...

I know!! It was like deal of the summer!! I'll start looking for dings :)

Your right, the Pottery Barn lunchbox is a little dorky. I'm just going to have to suck it up! If you can do it, I can do it ;) Don't forget we have also expanded our category to include vintage gap t's! LOL! Whenever someone jokes with me about Malakai's I say "duh! it's vintage!"

Colleen said...

Oooooh, you are right!!! The vintage GAP tees and OLD NAVY has them now too!!!! See, we are kind of cool!

Katie Thomson said...

Cute pictures! Every time I see Leila I go on Etsy, fill my basket with bows and then never buy them!! First thing I am doing on June 1st!!!
Too cute! Hope they have a fun summer!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

UGH- SNAKES! I am SO over it!!!! READY TO MOVE