Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Love May Flowers!

Things have been so crazy lately that I am just now getting the chance to post the pics of my precious Mother's Day gifts! I enjoyed a fabulous day that consisted of SLEEPING IN, breakfast in bed, and all the Malakai kisses I wanted! He usually refuses to give kisses, but on "Special Mom's Day" he sucks it up and takes it!

Exhibit A: A precious MOM picture frame with pics of my babies

Exhibit B: This is a special coupon vase. The flowers are Leila and Malakai's hand prints and they each represent a coupon like an extra Mother's Day and quiet time :)

I love Mother's Day because it is a time for thoughtfulness and thankfulness. I hope all you Mother's out there had a great day! You deserve it!!

I'll leave you with a video of Leila walking. It isn't a very good one, she has gotten SO much better! But, it's better than nothing.


Best Thing Since I last blogged: My girl Katie (Thomson Family Blog) is a finalist in an awesome contest!! I will need everyone's help in voting! I'll post details as their given.

Worst thing since I last blogged: Got our butt kicked and darts this week! Blah!!


The Gourleys wild ride said...

LOL, omg that video is precious...i need to get mine up. LOVE the hands in the vase!

Katie Thomson said...

I can't believe I made your best thing since you last blogged! YAY! And that vase is adorable! Gives me ideas for mothers day gifts for my students to make! YAY! Props to Josh for his creativeness!