Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm still Karissa from the block...

Title has absolutely no relevance, just couldn't really think of one for this random blog. That's how I roll though :)

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with Family, Family, and more Family. With the exception of Denny + Family and Heather + Family...we miss them terribly. My Grandpa Dick out-did his self again with a fabulous turkey, not to leave out Judy Rudy who helped make the feast complete.

I won't even go into details the nightmare we endured while arriving at Toys R Us at midnight on black Friday. Let's just say this was Josh's first...and last black Friday experience.

These next few weeks are jam packed! Josh and I have stuck with our plan of packing a room a day since we got back from KC. Slowly but surely, it's coming along. With all this talk of a new house, I have gotten this sudden interest in decorating. I'm not sure what quite sparked it. Maybe the fact that when we bought this house, I was so young and fresh out of college, that I didn't really care much about (or have the income for) decorating. Then babies came and next thing I knew my house was taken over by high chairs, pack-n-plays, excersaucers, train tables, and more CRAP. So, the idea of a blank canvas is very inspiring! An accumulation of all these things have motivated me to start a couple DIY projects that I'm uber-excited about!! That's a whole nother blog....

I'm rambling...this is because I don't really have a lot of time as Josh is yelling at me to bring the packing tape upstairs. Wonder how long I've actually been missing?! Oh yes, the next few weeks....there are Christmas Concerts, Work Parties, 3 Birthday parties (Malakai and two of his besties), Mother's Club Dinners, and I'm sure many other things that I will probably forget!!

So, I just wanted to drop in and share a few pics of the kiddos. Leila is in her tutu stage where she refuses to take it off. In fact, she wore it to dinner the other night with sweatpants underneath, tucked in to her furry boots. I think she looked very....independent.
Also took them to Zoo Lights at the St. Louis zoo. I had to include these pictures of the crazy lady who insisted on plopping down pretty much ON TOP OF Malakai during the CHILDREN'S STORYTIME!! Look at all that room next to her!! Really?!

Till next time!



Heather said...

I can not believe that lady she might as well been sitting on his lap!! Leila reminds me soooo much of myself!! I love the outfits she pulls together with the hats!! SOOOOO adorable!! I have many picture of my when I was her age working the same look!! I MISS THE LITTLE STINKERS!! It feels like forever since I have seen them!!

Sarah S said...

Ummm yeah, I would have asked her to please MOVE and get off my kid, but thats just!! I really am surprised that Kai didn't just get up and move or ask her to please scoot over a little bit.

And what else can I say about Leila!! That girl is nuts, she does pick out some outfits, you will be having fun with that one when she gets older, I'll bet you on that one!!!