Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ten on Tuesday!

How happy am I to be back online?! My access at work is minimal...will I ever catch up on what everyone has been up to??!! Here is my attempt to catch you all up on us :)

1. Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays! The first weekend of December we had 3 birthday parties to attend!! As most of you know, Josh is pretty much non-existent this time of year, so these parties were braved with both kids in tote, by myself. By the time the third rolled around (a pool party) I knew Leila was NOT going to make it! Thank goodness my mom could come over so I could drop her off in between and lay her down for a nap! This also meant, no pool for me, which was VERY exciting!!

2. The following weekend we had Malakai's big FIFTH birthday party! It was held at Bounce U! I am ALL about not having 20 5 year olds messing up my house!! This was an awesome location and the kids had a ball!! I can't believe he is 5!! Don't worry, there will be a future post about my baby :)

3. My Dad, Lisa, and Kiera always come in town for Malakai's party. It is so great to have them around! They helped SO much with preparation for the move!! My dad took several loads over to the new house and Lisa managed the kiddos as well as making sure that EVERY single piece of clothing/bedding/towels were clean. It was AMAZING! We couldn't have done it without them!!

4. Lisa also did a great craft with the kids. So creative and they just loved it. I don't have a picture of the final project (an ornament) but they are SO cute!!

5. Moving day was a HUGE success. Josh and I are so blessed with the friends in our lives! Autumn and Toro were there bright and early, eager to do whatever was needed. Also, one of the girls that works for Josh (Kelly) sent her husband (Adam) and his trailer over to help. SO FABULOUS! Thank you everyone for making that day a HUGE success!! Kelly also showed up at the house TWO nights with dinner and Autumn and Jimmy came over with amazing home-made cookies and wine! We LOVE all of you guys!!

6. We are finally starting to settle in! At least we are no longer living completely out of boxes! This is a huge part to Carrie and Sarah who helped out by organizing the kids' playroom, bedrooms, and kitchen! Thank you girls!!

7. Christmas shopping is Dun-zo! The tree is up, as well as the trees in Malakai and Leila's room. However, they have yet to see Santa!! This is on the agenda for tomorrow night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Malakai's two items don't change since one of the items was next to impossible to get! Not because it was a Zhu Zhu pet, or something along those lines. It is a DS game that he saw a little boy playing that happens to be from 2006 and not in any stores!! Oh the things we do for our babies!

8. I got a promotion at work!! The prayers I asked you for awhile ago worked!! I applied for it months ago, and just found out two weeks ago that it is mine!! It is a bitter/sweet feeling because I absolutely LOVE the office I am at right now. The girls are amazing, and I have really have acquired some amazing friendships. However, it is a great career move and I am confident that those friendships will still be there when I leave.

9. Josh and I registered for the St. Louis half marathon in April!

10. Malakai had his Christmas Program at school and it was so, stinking, cute! The pre-school class only sang three songs, but it was adorable! He sang his little heart out! Wonder where he gets that from :)


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Heather said...

I am soooo happy you are blogging again :) I miss not getting my wkly updates. I have to say I am amazed at how well you have managed to hold it together with everything you had going on this month! I would have LOST IT!

Love and miss you all!