Thursday, November 26, 2009

Non-Traditional Thankful Thursday

Of course we are thankful for the, health, friends, jobs, etc. Why not do a non-traditional list? So here it is, with help from Josh, 10 things we are thankful for :)

1. K - My flat-iron! Best invention ever!!

2. J - The Red Challenge Flag - For you non-football lover's this is the flag that allows coaches to challenge calls in the NFL :)

3. K & J - The fact that because we travel on Thanksgiving, we are not expected to bring anything to the feast other than our children and our appetites!!

4. J - Gorilla Glue? I have no idea what it is but it makes Josh very happy!

5. K - Wonder Hangers!! Have you used these things?! A to the mazing!!

6. K & J - Having children that since day 1, have been amazing sleepers!! We always hear the horror stories of people who have toddlers that still don't sleep through the night! We were thankfully blessed with good sleepers! Something I think we sometimes take for granted!

7. K - Sugar Free Redbull

8. J - Tivo

9. K & J - Two Men and a Truck!!

10. K - Last but not least...Josh. Okay, maybe that's a little traditional, but I had to say it! He is my rock, my best-friend, and the best father anyone could ever ask for!


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Sarah McK said...

What a nice list! Having a great sleeper is DEFINITELY a blessing! Callum is not the best, but still SO much better than some of my friends' colicky babies that I am still grateful!