Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ten on Thursday...

1. We lost the championship game in darts :( However, it was a great game and came down to the VERY last match!! Can't complain about that!!

2. Josh and I have A LOT going on right now!! It seems like either our lives are pretty uneventful or FULL of events!! No happy medium. Because of this, he has had some trouble sleeping. I gave him some Tylenol pm the other night (something I take on a regular basis) and he was O.U.T!! So funny to see him on it! I probably could have made a youtube video of trying to get him up in the morning. Men are such light weights :) The frustrating part is Josh may not sleep, but it causes me to eat!! NOT GOOD!

3. We attended the auction at Malakai's school last weekend and it was SO much fun. Came home with some goodies and had a great time with great friends!!

4. Our little Oscar is in big trouble with his back and hind legs AGAIN!! He has already had the VERY expensive surgery 4 years ago. It's not really justifiable to do it again seeing as how he 11 years old! It makes me very sad. That dog has been through so much with us. Josh and I got him way back in the day when we were not even dating, just roommates. He was our first baby. I'm sure I've wrote this same thing a few times in the last year, so it seems he has 9 lives. Hopefully he will fight thru it this time as well!

5. With everything going on, one of my besties got some fabulous news and it made me extremely happy!! Yay for good news!!

6. For the first time since school started, Malakai did not get everyone of his good behavior stickers for the week. He got a sad note home today saying he didn't get his sticker because he was not following directions and argumentative with the teacher. Come on people, I need more details. I could hardly talk to him about it because he was absolutely DEVASTATED!! His explanation was nobody would share a ball with him at recess, he got mad (Josh's temper) and was told to go sit on the bench. On his way to the bench, he spotted a ball that was not being played with and in his mind, thought the problem was solved...he had a ball. The teacher thought otherwise (of course, I would have to). We talked about whatever the teacher says, he needs to do, no questions asked. Poor guy didn't even need a punishment, he was beating himself up over it already!!

7. On that same note, we had his parent/teacher conference. I'm not usually one to brag on my kids, but he deserves to be bragged on. The told us he is extremely brilliant (duh!) and he tested the highest in the class (45 kids) on many of the tests. I am so proud of this little guy. If you have known me and Malakai since he was born, you know I have always questioned how he is socially. He is very "Rainmanish." Even though many of you have reassured me, I still worry. They said he is doing great socially, is well liked, and doesn't stick to just one clique, he plays with everyone :) His constructive criticism? He gets so focused on tasks that he doesn't like his thinking to be interrupted. When it is, he responds with a negative tone. "Why are you talking to me? I didn't ask a question! I'm working!" We had a long talk about this tone and hopefully it will have improved by the next time we talk to the teachers :)

8. Christmas is 43 days away!! My shopping is in FULL force!! I LOVE this time of year!! Anyone have any good suggestions for a almost 2 and 5 year old that doesn't involve CRAP filling up my house (not to mention they have plenty of) but yet something they would still get enjoyment out of? I'm all ears!

9. I suck at the blogging every day in November challenge!!

10. I'm jealous that Josh takes better pictures than I do!! He very rarely pics up the camera, but when he does, the pictures are beautiful! WTF?!


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Colleen said...

3-What did you end up getting at the auction?

7-"Rainmanish"-you crack me up-he is NOTHING like Rainman!

8-Tickets to a show like the circus or an ice show?

10-The pictures are gorgeous, the man has TALENT! My husband is too busy playing the PSP to take a picture, so I wouldn't know, LOL!