Sunday, November 8, 2009

My ______ is bigger than your _______!

Ms. Colleen over at Crazy Little Psycho's is doing a Contest!! Whoo Hoo!! I love me a contest :) The challenge? Fill in the blanks of the sentence: My ______ is bigger than your _______! So creative!! I had a few different bra is bigger than your bra, my butt is bigger than your butt, my education section of my resume' is bigger than your section (2 bachelor's, 1 masters, and a 2nd one on the way). Then I thought, Hmmmm, I would have to take a picture of these items, and this is a "family" blog!

So, here it is....

The Miller Family Hot Wheels/Monster Truck Collection is BIGGER than Yours!!!

These suckers are stashed ALL around my house (including my car), so I know this isn't all of them, but it's the majority.



Colleen said...

I love it, SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

Sarah S said...

Yeah thats not even close to being all of them!!!

Spirit's Breeze Photography personal blog said...

lol dear oh dear