Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

We no longer have a "baby" in the house :() (this is a bitter/sweet face, wasn't sure how to make it)!

As Leila just approached the ripe old age of 16 months, I realized I may never have a baby in the house again. This weeks T on T is related to the things I WILL NOT miss about babyworld! Of course I will miss the baby smell, morning sweet breath on my face and a tiny little hand pulling on my arm as they feed. But here are some things I can definitely live without.

1. Being pregnant/giving birth/having my abdomen cut open for the umpteenth time!! Why I hate being pregnant could be a list in itself, but I'll spare you the gory details.

2. Anything that is associated with "colic"

3. Cleaning 569098109374 bottles! They have more parts than a 747.

4. Trying to open a door while holding a baby in one arm and 12 bags in the other.

5. Studying poop like it is some sort of science experiment.

6. Reading all of those baby books and realizing 90% of it is bull s***!

7. Folding 100's of tiny onsies

8. Not being able to leave the house with out a 500lb bag that is stocked with anything that can help out with one of the million crisis' that almost always occur. Also, searching thru that black hole of a bag, mid-crisis, while sweating and trying to console a screaming baby.

9. Keeping track of every little milestone and the questions and expectations that come along with them. "Was that a crawl? I think it was! I don't know, was her stomach on the ground?" Ugh!

10. The constant aroma of baby vomit that no matter how much febreze/perfume/showers you do to try and get rid of it! I know most of you have seen this pic, but it's a classic :)


Forgot to do this last blog....

Best thing since I last blogged: Finishing my first 5k/race! I reached both my goals which were to finish in 30 minutes and not walk a single step!!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Missing out on some great sales!!


Katie Thomson said...

Cute new background!
I love all things baby still! Rylee is only 7 months but some of that stuff I still love!
Colic? What's that? Reason #1 I am not going to have another. I know I would be cursed! ;o)

Colleen said...

OH, you had me until you said folding 100s of onesies, that the thing I LOVE about babies. I could do Jackson and Tyler's laundry all day long!!!! Their clothes make me happy, my own DO NOT!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

Good list! Holy sh!t that is some serious vomit gal!
I love the baby stage, once they hit 3m and up, BLAH lol

K to the M said...

Katie, your so cute! Your still in that "first child bliss" LOL! You should have another though! Everyone always told me that since Malakai was such a good sleeper there is no way Leila would be and she is just as good, if not better!

Colleen, can I send you Malakai and Leila's laundry?! Do you still love it even with all the girl stuff that ALWAYS seem to need ironed?! I am not adjusting to that very well! At least Malakai's cargo shorts can be wrinkled and it is "cool" :)

K to the M said...

Your right Nicole...it's that mobility factor that is a nightmare!! Lol!

That girl could puke...FOR SURE!!

Sarah McK said...

That spit up pic is killer. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that new pic of you in that to-die-for dress and that adorable "pram." LOVE IT! You're such a diva!

Colleen said...

I would totally do Kai and Leila's laundry if it meant you would do Pat's and mine!

Katie Thomson said...

P.S. Yay on the 5k! you need to post some before and after pics since you have now done running and the "biggest loser" at work. Where do you find the motivation? The time?