Monday, July 6, 2009

43 Days and Counting....

I'm sorry for leaving some of you hanging with my dramatic "Worst Thing" on my last blog. It really isn't that dramatic...I'm kind of a drama queen. Okay, so it is pretty dramatic from my stand point, however, I do realize there are a lot worse things going on in the world so before you give me the "your so shallow" or whatever speech, I get it.

Josh, Lisa, and my dad have challenged me to NO SHOPPING for 44 (now 43) days. Let me clarify a little. Of course I will still be doing the normal household shopping, however, I will not be purchasing clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses, or hair bows for myself, Malakai, Leila, or Josh. There are a few bridges we are going to have to cross once we get there, for example, the fact that Leila grows out of her shoes weekly!

Here is exactly what went through my mind when this was proposed to me:

  • Are there any holidays within the next 43 days where my kids are going to need coordinating outfits/hair bows?

  • I'm very nervous that we are cutting this so close to a seasonal change!

  • I'm missing a period of Gym Bucks

  • I'm having a night on the town when my brother and Rebecca are here and I haven't purchased a new outfit yet!!

  • We are going to the lake in August and there is a Gap Outlet AND a Banana Republic outlet there!!

Here is the thing. It's not a financial problem. I'm not causing us to lose our house, cars, food, etc. I don't spend un-godly amounts of money. I always find great deals! It's a quantity issue. My house can't hold it anymore. Open up Leila or Malakai's closet and it is full of stuff with tags still on it. I buy something everyday. Either online, or I stop on my way home from work at Old Navy, TJ Max, etc. I don't even step in to Target with out getting something out of the clothing department. Pajamas for the kids, a t-shirt for me, etc. It is CRAZY!! My little sister was with us all weekend and I just remembered as she was leaving that I had bought her, Malakai, and Leila, matching Gap Pj's for the Fourth of July. I FORGOT I HAD THEM!! They were still in the shipping bag on top of a closet!! It's a little bit of a different story with myself since I have had the recent weight loss, but that's not an excuse. Those of you that roomed with me in college know the problem very well :)

I will keep you posted on how it is going. I also plan on posting pics of the situation when I get a chance.




Colleen said...

I am pretty sure that you have a complete wardrobe in every size, so the weight loss is not an excuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I do, I always keep my smaller clothes hoping that I will fit into them again one day!

My grandma's face every time she would step in your room was PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

I am excited for your little adventure!!!

Relizra said...

I have to say that I have yet to buy an outfit either, so I must reason that my lack of preparation gives you permission to shop. After all, I have never been to visit before and you would be doing me a favor!!!

Katie Thomson said...

Good luck!
I failed on my no eating out for a month and made excuses every time but I know you can do it. Especially when you have 3 other people watching you! :o)

Sarah McK said...

Oh my gosh, when you said they had an intervention I thought, "Oh, it's for shopping for sure!" I remember you buying gorgeous matching nursery furniture and accessories and putting Malakai's crib in the basement! You are a shopaholic! Thank goodness you go for the deals, unlike the girl in the movie and books (which are all very cute and amusing, by the way). Good luck! (I would be devastated not to be able to hit a gap and banana outlet as well. Sad day.)

Sarah S said...

I have total faith in you, and you know that I always have your back.

But what happens if Bella (Josh's precious dog) happens to eat something, would that be able to give you a reason to shop?!? Hmmm!!

Good luck!!

K to the M said...

Thanks girls! Love having all your support!! Your poor Grandma Colleen! I just love Bud and Shirley!!

Rebecca, I'll send you the link to the dress I want and pay you when you get here...does that count?

Kate, I KNOW I couldn't do the eating out! Props to you for trying!

Sarah, you got me at my prime time of baby buying!! It NEVER stopped!! LOL

Sarah, Josh says that whatever Bella chews up there are two to replace it *sad face*