Monday, July 13, 2009

Splish, Splash....I HATE giving Baths!

It is no secret in the blog world that giving my kids baths ranks right up there with getting a root canal! I don't even try to pretend that I enjoy it! However, with Josh not usually getting home till late, and having two kids that I swear forget they are humans and believe they are wild banshees, it is a chore I have to endure every night. This is part of the reason that I don't have very many pictures of them during bath time, because the last thing on my mind is grabbing the camera before we head upstairs. However, the other night, my camera just happened to be in my bathroom (don't ask, that's a whole nother blog in itself) so I took the opportunity to snap some shots.

Don't they look so cute and innocent? Don't let them fool you! These were taken in between dodging rubber ducks being launched at my head and Malakai trying to dunk Leila! It hurts my back so bad to where I have contemplated even getting in there with them so I don't have to lean over the edge to wash them! Not to mention the fact that Josh has recently taught Malakai to do cannon balls at the pool, so now he seems to think the bath tub is the perfect place to perfect them! Ugh! Then there is the hair washing! I have never been a fan of the visors, or cups that bend so water doesn't get in their eyes. I just pour the cup of water over their head, face, body, etc. till all the soap is gone. They don't scream for long...usually :) It doesn't really burn does it? I mean the bottle says "Tear Free!"
I couldn't resist adding the video :) Leila doesn't quite get the difference between taking a video and a picture. Every time she sees the camera she immediately scrunches her face and says cheese!


Katie Thomson said...

So cute!
I will have to admit, when the nurse told us no bath for Rylee for 10 days after her surgery...I really wasn't too distraught about it...kinda happy! :O) Is that bad?
I have the cup that bends but I don't use it that way. I still just pour it right over her whole head! :o)

Colleen said...

I think dumping the water over their head is a right of passage, plus it helps them learn to hold their breath "under" water! My kids like to shower now, and trust me when I say, I hate that now. Anything that involves shampooing Jackson's super long, ratty, bird's nest hair-I HATE!!!!

Colleen said...

OH, and I was already rooting on Lelia in the video, I just wanted her to smack Kai with the cup after he poured the water on her head, but nope, she just looked at him with those big, adoring eyes. Sweet thing!!!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

LOL- omg when Kai dumped that water and she didn't cry, that amazed me! Leelyn would have screamed! Showers here, I can't remember the last time my boys took a bath. Usually I shower with one and dad showers with the other because I to HATE giving them a bath!

the swope family said...

I typically enjoy bath time! Might be because I only have to do it 20% of the time! I totally dump water of heads/faces/eyes! They learn to cope!!!