Friday, September 26, 2008

Miller Family Fun Day!

Seems Like it has been forever since we have had one of these! Josh had the day off yesterday and we had two bleacher tickets to the Cardinals game. We decided we were all going to go and just pick up another ticket when we got there. Well, we got there in the third inning and the scouts were trying to get rid of their tickets so we traded our tickets and $30 for three tickets right behind home plate!! They were amazing seats and we were also in the shade which was nice.

Malakai had all the fans cracking up at his deep voice cheering! Leila was giving the young, beer drinking guys behind us her big-eyed grin and it was good times had by all!


Colleen said...

You guys are all so cute matchy!!! Where are your jeans from? Isn't it so much better now that you can throw Leila on your hip???

The Gourleys wild ride said...

I just wanted to say I HEART you and your music choices!