Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally...A Decision!!

Ugh! Trying to get an almost four year old to choose a Halloween costume is like trying to get an OCD crack head to pick shoot, snort, or eat!

Originally I wasn't giving him the option. He was going to be a crab, Leila a lobster, and Josh and I were going to be scuba divers. Well, I couldn't find the crab in Kai's size and Leila is SO much cuter than a lobster. Then I made the mistake number one...asking him what he wanted to be. For those of you that know Malakai, you don't give him a lot of options, it over-stimulates his little brain and he freaks out. You should have seen him in front of the ice cream truck when my mom told him to "pick one." Little Rain Man gets a little nervous.

First it was a power ranger, then speed racer, then a power ranger. We finally decided on this!

Not my first choice, but it could be worse! I specifically told him when he left for school this morning that there was NO changing his mind because I was ordering it today. Which I did. You know what the little stinker says? "Okay Mommy! Don't forget to order Daddy's pink power ranger costume." LMAO!

We are not sticking with the family theme this year because I'm not gonna lie, we don't really have anywhere to go :(

On that note, Leila Jane is a beautiful peacock :)

Stay tuned for the "after" pictures!

Best thing since I last blogged: My birthday! Good drinks, friends, and weather!

Worst thing since I last blogged: HOA's!


The Gourleys wild ride said...

Girl, you crack me UP! LMAO...LOVE the peacock, omg!!!!
Hey, did you see Blaine's choice?! ugh

Anonymous said...

They will be amazingly adorable no matter what they have on!! I can't wait to see Josh in the pink power ranger costume..since Kai wants it, it has to be! LOL