Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Elephants Everywhere!!

Man! What a great rush I had at the "Road to the Convention Rally" on Sunday! It didn't even matter that it was 95 degrees, it was really an amazing time!

I went on Friday to pick up my tickets and I learned that there was a glitch in the computer system and they no longer had any left. I then had to drive to the McCain headquarters and was able to pick up two tickets there. Josh had to work, so I rearranged a sitter and my mom and I headed out around 1:00pm. Thank you Sarah and Carrie for watching my darlings! I know it must of been hard considering your die-hard liberals! LOL! Good thing we can agree to disagree!

So, it's about a 45 minute drive. Doors open at 2 and the Rally starts at 4. No wonder the doors opened TWO hours early, that's how long it took to get through the line to get in. There were so many people, many who had their kids with them. I just kept saying to myself, thank God I don't have my kids, what a freaking nightmare!!

In a nutshell, we jammed to country music, munched on hot dogs and popcorn, sweated through our McCain shirts in the summer sun, and erupted in applause as a tour bus drove straight into the ballpark and McCain and Family, Palin and Family, Huckabee, and Romney all got off the bus. It was really cool!!

I enjoyed the speeches, really like Palin, despite the recent controversy, and it gave me a lot of hope for the upcoming presidential election. Now that I am kind of on my soap box, don't forget to vote!! No matter what party you support, just vote! What an amazing thing to tell our children that we voted in an election that they will be learning about in their history books!

Favorite thing since I last blogged: My Nobama bumper sticker and my "Hot Chicks Vote Republican" button :)

Worst thing since I last blogged: Teething babies!

Miller - out


Colleen said...

Pat told me once about a report showing that people who put bumper stickers on their cars are more likely to commit violent acts while driving, AKA ROAD RAGE, I now believe it!

K to the M said...

I haven't actually put it on my car yet!! I'm nervous! I've never been one to announce my political beliefs, and I've always thought they were ghetto :) I asked Josh how easy he thought it would come off and he didn't sound to convinced it would. We all know I already have Road Rage. Is it bad that I'm more likely to let someone with a McCain sticker cut in front of me in traffic rather than an Obama?

The Gourleys wild ride said...

LMBO - GO MCCAIN! No bumper stickers though, ghetto I agree. lol

Colleen said...

Rubbing alcohol will get anything off! AND YES you are bad, knowing how your BFF feels you should let Obama fans in as well! Can't we just all get along!??

Sarah said...

You are so funny. And your welcome, I think it's great that you got to go, and I also believe that it is wonderful that we can agree to disagree. I think we do go about keeping hushed of politics. Rubbing alcohol can get them off, however it is pretty hard. Besides you already have the signs in your window that you Obama fan neighbor has to see everyday!!!

Sarah said...

All I have to say is a DARN good thing you didn't have that bumper sticker on your car LAST year, my dear! Your tires would have been SO slashed! :)

P.S. They really don't come off...but you could put it up in your back window with scotch gone works like a charm on that stuff!