Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I HATE bathtime!

I absolutely DESPISE giving my children baths!! I would rather hold them down while they get a shot then give them a bath. Okay, not that I ever have to do that, but hypothetically speaking :) This is something that I seriously think I need help for! It's not like I used to like it and had a bad experience. I have never liked it!

What brings this up you ask? I have had to give my children baths lately. Usually this is totally Josh's doing. Malakai gets a bath every night, and Leila about every other. Josh's work schedule has been really wild lately so Kai has not been getting his nightly bath. I swear I think of every excuse in the book. Oh, he had swim lessons tonight....close enough to a bath for me! I can't let him go longer than a night though or I start to feel bad. If I know that Josh is closing two nights in a row and won't be home for bath time, I'll throw Malakai in the shower with him that morning! Last night is the first time that I have ever had to give BOTH my kids a bath in the same night :) I'm sure you are thinking how the hell have I managed to work my schedule to where I have never had to give both my kids a bath in the same night?! Let me reiterate here, I DON'T GIVE BATHS! So here is a pat on the back to me....I gave both my kids a bath! MOTHER OF THE FREAKING YEAR!

On another note...Leila had her four month check up. She is 15lbs and 26 inches long!! Thank you lord, I think she has the "Rader" height! She has started cereal and is doing great on it and she still continues to be such a joy.

Malakai graduated from Level 1 in swim lessons. Even after a very dramatic fall into the pool that his 3 teachers or the lifeguards didn't see! It set him back a few steps, but now he is fully back into the swing of things and begins Level 2 on Monday. He is having a wonderful time at Summer Camp at Goddard. They have had all sorts of cool visitors. A snow cone truck, the zoo, the science center...even Ronald McDonald came one day and brought everyone a happy meal!! Here is a picture of him holding a 7ft python! He and Zach (the kid next to him) were the only ones from the 3 year old class who offered to hold him. It was all he could talk about for days!

We have a busy month coming up in August. I am actually going on a girls getaway for FIVE days to the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. Just five days of relaxation and nobody to answer to or pick up after other than myself. We also have our annual family reunion in August at the Lake of the Ozarks. Baby Rader could be coming sooner than we all thought, so please keep a safe and healthy entrance into this world in your prayers.

Just a few pics for your enjoyment :)

Bowling...he loves that hat!

She is such a diva!

Playing with his favorite summer toy...the Rocket Ship Sprinkler...Thank you Uncle Toro and Miss Danielle!

Loves her Einstein Saucer!

Favorite thing since last time I blogged: Knowing that Malakai has successfully transitioned to big boy pants instead of pull ups at bedtime! I thought it would NEVER happen!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Humidity!!


Thomson Family said...

Cutest video clip of Leila Jane!! I can't wait for little things like that to spruce up my blog. Kinda on the boring side right now.

Colleen said...

I think bathtime is equivalent to pregnancy, if there is a mom out there who says she LIKES giving baths, she is LYING! Just like those psycho women (I think Lisa might be one) who claim to like being pregnant, LIARS!!!!!!!!!!

K to the M said...

Yes Kate! We all can not wait to see pics of the new bundle of joy!! Sometimes I think that's the sole reason some of my family comes to my blog...just to see the pics of kiddos, who cares what I have to say :)

You are so right Colleen!! LIARS!! They are especially lying if they say they enjoy that last month of pregnancy! THE WORST! Does it get better when they can both be in the same tub? Leila is still to little to go in with Malakai.

Colleen said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I don't think it will be better until they make bath tubs that are level with you or they can shower, take a bath, whatever, BY THEMSELVES!!!!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

LMAO - I HATE bath time also girl! For the most part, Brian does it. On a rare occassion I find myself bending over doing it. Blaine showers with Brian and then he gives Leelyn his bath most of the time.
As for your girls trip, I don't know if you have ever been there but it is BEAUTIFUL and a perfect place to do something or nothing! My family goes there once a year! I am jealous, five whole days alone....nice!!!! ;)