Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 in one week!

What is this? Like three blogs in a week!! Wow! I am on a roll!! Nothing too exciting going on. Just had a few pictures to share. Malakai had a pool/movie party at Grandma's on Saturday night. He was the only boy, but he seemed to enjoy himself immensely. The movie of choice was the premiere of The Best of Both Worlds/Hannah Montana movie on Disney. It held his attention for about 15 minutes. Only because he seems to currently be obsessed with The Jonas Brothers.

Brieanna, Cayley, Carlie, and Malakai

Coloring with Sarah...he is concentrating SO hard!

One of Leila, just because she is cute...that slobber on her chin is a permanent fixture these days :)

We hit up Monkey Joes last night. For those of you local, 5:00pm on a weeknight is the PERFECT time to go. All the SAHM's have went home and the birthday parties don't start till 7.

Waiting to leave...check out Leila in the background, she stares at Kai ALL day! I just noticed CMT on the TV...Ever watched My Big Redneck Wedding?! Hilarious!

Big Slide!

Cayley Ann

Last but not least...a dance video of Malakai. I think my dreams of him becoming the next Wade Robson are going down the drain. However, we went to Incredible Pizza the other night and played some glow in the dark golf. Josh was very impressed with Malakai's "slap shot." He thinks he is a natural for Hockey. Let's hope so, he starts Ice Hockey in October! However, I don't think anyone else appreciated it when his golf ball was bouncing off of walls and hitting people!! Oh, what the hell, here are some pictures of that also :)

Malakai and Daddy

Cayley, Me, and Carlie

Malakai playing hockey, I mean golfing

Best thing since I last blogged: I have lost 6lbs!! Thank you Metabolife! I know, it's not the healthiest thing, but I'm desperate! It's not JUST Metabolife, I have been making better choices also :)

Worst thing since I last blogged: Josh's work schedule


The Magill Family said...

You crack me up! Love the cute pics of the kiddos too. You have me seriously thinking about metabolife. . . just 1 more week of nursing and I'm there!

K to the M said...

Girl...I would give anything to have your figure!! Smokin! I can't believe she is almost 9 months! AMAZING!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

I am almost done nursing as well! Just 3 weeks left, six months and diet pills, here I come!!!! LOL
Love Kai dancing, go Kai, Go Kai!
LOVE 3 in a week!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh gosh fun times with pool/movie night, he wasn't the only one to last 15 mins. And his picture turned out perfect. And the dancing....lookin good there bud, I laughed hard at his last comment...too funny!!

Colleen said...

What were you trying to convince him to say when he decided to say Shut Up??? OMG! Funniest thing EVER! I love that you are comfortable enough with yourself and your parenting to post it! Some people would like to hide all the bad things their kids say, but let's be honest they all say them!!!