Friday, May 23, 2008

Road to Recovery

Well, I am home from the hospital and hopefully on my way to recovery. Let me just start by saying that I can take the pain from my last c-section and quadruple it and that is about the level of pain I am in right now! I can't believe how much worse this is. I may not have been totally sure that I was done having kids before, but after this, I am DONE! I would never recommend two abdominal surgeries in a period of 10 weeks to ANYONE!

The surgery went pretty smooth. He was going through my original incision but he didn't think he was going to have to use all of it. Well, the tumor was larger than he thought (about the size of a large orange) and he ended up using my entire incision. About 17 staples in all. He removed the tumor, along with my left tube and ovary. There is about a 15% chance that my right ovary could develop one also, but he looked it over really well and didn't see any signs. I asked for pictures of the dermoid and he said he will get them for me once pathology is done. Everything so far has come back benign which is great!

I just don't understand why I get 4 nights in the hospital with a c-section and one night with this surgery. Isn't it pretty much the same thing?! I think that has been the hardest part, because all of you mothers out there know that there is NO break when you are home. As much as you would like for there to be, it is much easier to recover in the hospital. Josh was great and Leila adjusted well to the bottle. I was able to have enough breast milk frozen so she wasn't in total shock. When I talked to him on Wednesday night he had both kids in bathed, in bed, and asleep by 8:30 and was enjoying a nice vodka/cranberry. LOL!

Sorry, there will be no pictures of me posted. I didn't have my make-up done at Mac before hand, so I wasn't really feeling the camera :)

On another note, Leila attended her first bridal shower and she was an absolute joy. She was such an angel and a little social butterfly.

Last Saturday we took Malakai and Leila to Creve Coeur Days which is just like a little fair here in STL. I hate these kind of places, but I knew Malakai would have a ball, which he did. We didn't stay very long, but he got to ride a couple of the rides and play a few games. Leila enjoyed watching all the lights.



Colleen said...

You have managed to do all three of these surgeries without live in help, that is AMAZING!! How do you do it????

Your family is beautiful, so I guess in the end it is all worth it! Sorry about all the pain you are in!! LOVE YOU!

LRader said...

Okay....Live Help....I was there for Leila's birth, but she is just like her father and doesn't let anyone help her. So I did laundry and tried to stay out of her way.

Well this surgery, I should have went with my instincts and been there. I regret it everyday!

Colleen said...

I totally regret not flying into help also! I should have known better! We should just coordinate between ourselves next time!

My sister is preggo and having a baby, and she tells me that she read in a book that she needs live-in help after a c-section. I just keep telling her about how awesome Karissa is. She is getting ZERO sympathy from me! LOL!