Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day!

In case you haven't noticed, I run a few days behind on this thing. Sorry bout that :)

Mother's Day has come and gone. I swear it should be like Mother's Week or better yet, Year! The weather was awful here in the STL. Like 40 degrees and raining. I tried so hard not to let it put me in a bad mood, but it was pretty hard.

We did brunch at Harry's Downtown which was really good. It has been a tradition the last few years to go to Harry's West but when I called (yes, I make my own Mother's Day reservations) to make the reservations I was told they closed but the downtown location was doing one. It turned out to be really good! The food was excellent and I even enjoyed a couple mimosas and as you can see, Malakai enjoyed the cupcakes!

It was my first attempt at coordinated family outfits. Not a total failure, but pretty close :)


Colleen said...

1. Why is Leilicious crying in almost every picture? 2. You are super brave for allowing Malakai to eat a chocolate cupcake in a POLO shirt! 3. You guys all look precious in your matching outfits. 4. Tyler has that dress!-GOOD TASTE!

K to the M said...

1. She doesn't like being held in that position. She only likes facing me on my chest. Kind of makes it hard for pics. LOL! 2. It is almost too small so I figured it was his last time wearing it. 3. Thank you...I felt like a hot air balloon. 4. I always knew we had the same taste from all our matching clothes in college we discovered we had before we even knew each other. It has passed down to our kids now. I can't remember the last time I paid $32.50 for something I will only wear once! I stick to the $14 old navy t's. LMAO!