Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's Not A Tuma!

Oh wait! Yeah it is!

In the middle of my c-section with Leila, my doctor starts talking about a cyst that he saw on my ovary. Mind you, I am pretty much out of it at this point and I'm not really understanding what he is talking about. The next day, I asked him to please explain some more. Apparently he saw a cyst on my left ovary. He said that he thought it was pregnancy induced and once my body went back to normal that it would go away.

Well, I went for my ultrasound yesterday and it hasn't gone away. In fact, it has grown. I don't think the sonographer was supposed to give me any information, but I knew her pretty well since she did all of my ultrasounds with Malakai and Leila. She told me that there was an abnormally large tumor on my left ovary and that he is probably going to want to remove it. I said, "The tumor, or the ovary?" She let me know that the tumor was pretty much over-taking the ovary and it would all have to come out.
So, I met with my AMAZING Obgyn this morning and we are definitely taking out my left tube and ovary. We are scheduled for May 21st. He went on to explain that he isn't for sure, but he thinks it is what they call a dermoid. Now if you already know what a dermoid is, you are probably saying....Gross! Because once he explained it to Josh and I, I think we both wanted to vomit. Apparently a dermoid is "A bizarre tumor, usually benign, in the ovary that typically contains a diversity of tissues including hair, teeth, bone, thyroid, etc." That's right ladies and gentlemen! I said hair, teeth, and bone!! BLAHHH!!!! Like I said, they are usually benign but they have to take them out because they can start to twist or they can rupture.

I have attached a picture for you viewing pleasure :)

Josh and I were laughing our asses off in the car on the way home because he brought up the South Park episode with the Conjoined Fetus Lady. Apparently back in the day people used to think that a dermoid was your undeveloped twin. WILD!

We remain in good spirits. I love my doctor and I trust him 100%! We are very positive that this will return benign and all will be good. We are pretty sure we are done having children, and if we weren't it is still definitely possible to conceive with only one tube and ovary. It's just amazing how God works in so many ways. Had I not gotten pregnant at 23 on the pill with Malakai we may not even have had kids by now. I mean, there was no hurry. Now I have two amazing, beautiful children and I am so lucky and blessed for that.



The Magill Family said...

Sorry to hear about all that sweetie! Please let me know if you will need any help! I can come by and help out with Leila if you need? Definitely will keep you in my prayers that day. And yes you do have 2 wonderful children already, and if you want more shouldn't be too hard to do that either - I have one ovary and tube that go to each of my uteruses(sp?) and obviously that has worked out just fine!LOL!

Colleen said...

I AM GOING TO VOMIT! I cannot believe you attached a picture!!! You hooker!

K to the M said...

The pic was just for you Colleen! Annaka, you are definitely my inspiration. If you can get knocked up, anyone can! Lol!

Colleen said...