Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st...I have my life back!!

Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned...It has been 2.5 months since my last blog!


I am devastated to think that the whole reason I do this blog is so I can have it made into books for my children, and they are going to think "What the hell happened in 2011?!" All I will be able to say to them is "I'm sorry dear children, mommy had some f'ed up, crazy months!" They are not going to care, as you probably don't either to hear the details of my techy/nerdy job that has caused me check out for a least from the blogging scene. They will however, be happy to hear that at least I cut out blogging and not laundry, cooking, going to the park, putting them to bed...well, you get the picture.

All that matters is, I'm back and I survived.

So, because I realize you all have been out of the loop, here are 31 "What the hell we have been up to" updates for you...In no particular order.

. We have a roommate! As many of you remember reading, my mom (who used to live in St. Louis) moved to Arizona about a year and a half ago. Well, she is back and has been with us since late June. My brother and sister-in-law are making the move from AZ to KC. Once that move is final, she will be spending two months with us, two months with them, and back and forth for....tbd. It has definitely been nice having her around and the kids ADORE her.

2. Since Malakai is entering 1st grade, he will become a cub scout!! At the end of the school year, we attended the cub scout picnic. It was cold, rainy, and a ton of fun!! It is nice for him to have an activity that isn't "Sport" related.

3. We hosted the 2nd annual Miller Memorial Day BBQ...our air conditioner DID NOT break this year so that in itself made it better than the year before ;) Complete with washers, water gun fights, and great friends. The little ones would cool off inside with a little Wii time...

4. We showed an outdoor movie, which was a HUGE hit!

My camera didn't do my "Screen" justice! You really couldn't see the design in the sheet...

5. My bestie of 20+ years came in town for the festivities....LOVE HER!

6. Leila has thrown her American Girl doll to the side and now goes nowhere with out Suzie! I'm not even sure where we acquired Suzie from, but she is like a rag doll and we had to duck-tape her body due to Bella torturing her.

7. I posted previously about Malakai and his Bandits Baseball team. Well, we also had a great season with the St. Paul Panthers. Lots of baseball around this house, which we LOVE!

8. Do you notice anything in the above picture? Malakai FINALLY lost his first tooth! Whoo hoo! We are at a total count of 2 so far this summer :)

9. Leilicious had her very first dance recital!! OMG! She was HILARIOUS! Those that know me know I have dreams of her being a competitive dancer/cheer girl. Mostly because my life was full of sports, sports, and more sports. I'm not sure how achievable this dream is. She doesn't take direction very well, but she definitely is the cutest one up there ;) I'm not biased at all!!

Getting a pre-game chat from dad...

I had to post this picture because it is a CLASSIC Malakai face anytime he is at Leila's dance classes!! LOL!

Yelled at him to actually SMILE!

Thanks to everyone who was able to join in the festivities of her first time on stage!

10. Poppy, Tutu, and Kiera

11. TT and Dada

12. Grandma

13. Melissa and I are selling Pure Romance!! If you aren't sure what that it, then, if you are female, call me and book a party! We have been doing this since about April and it has been super successful. Especially considering how we both work our "Real" jobs together, so the craziness has effected both of us! It's fun, it gives us a girls night out, and it is making our Plastic Surgery Bank Account grow MUCH faster...Holla!

15. Back to Baseball...the Kirkwood Bandits were selected Channel 11 Team of the week!!! If you missed the video I posted, you can go to my facebook page to see...can't figure out how to put it on here. Josh did an AWESOME job!!

Malakai's Biggest Fan!!

Albert Pujols stance...

Well, I think this is enough for one post. Stay tuned for our July vacation, then that will be it for my catching up. It's all about the present!



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