Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Lovin...

The Miller Family is BUSY....everytime I say that I giggle to myself and think of THIS...I'm pretty sure I linked to this in my last post, but it was so long ago I can't remember...haha. I also tend to giggle now everytime I ask someone how they are and they reply with "oh you know, busy"

We have been scratching items off of our summer to-do list left and right. It has been a pretty HOT summer here in the Lou. Usually I love the summer and can tolerate the heat for the most part, but when you walk outside and the moisture is so heavy and the air is not circulating it makes me wish I was living in the Arctic!

The kids and I spent some quality time at the park which had a very refreshing Splash Pad. Leila is pretty timid about running through the water, but Malakai has a blast everytime!

Do you notice that most the pictures of Leila throughout this blog, include this scowl?! It is like her signature look! She really is a very happy child, she just is constantly giving this look! OMG! It drives me crazy!

Lots of updates to post....hope I don't get too "busy" *giggle*



Katie Thomson said...

OMG Kai is getting SO big! I can't believe him and Jackson turn 6 this year!

Karissa said...

I know!!! 6 sounds SO old!! Be careful, little Rylee will be there before you know it!


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