Monday, March 30, 2009

My Angel

Many ask me about the reason of naming our son Malakai. It's simple really, it obviously comes from the bible (Malachi) and means "My Angel" in Hebrew. That is exactly what Malakai is...our angel.

I feel like with Leila turning one and the entire month of March being dedicated to her birthday, that Malakai has gotten a little shafted when it comes to blog time :)

Many of my friends and readers have four (or close t0) year olds and there really is no explanation for them. Four is a whole new world!! It's a world of attitude, independence, opinions, and much more. I look at Malakai everyday and I think to myself that he is so special. So special because the day he was born, I became a mother. He changed the way I look at the world!

So hear is a little bit of what Malakai has been up to lately:

*He loves art! This is sort of a new thing. He has never been interested in coloring, drawing, writing, etc. However, he has found this new love for it and it makes me very excited! His writing is fabulous, and he is always asking to sign his own name on things.

*He sleep walks! While Josh and I were downstairs the other night, we heard Malakai's door open and didn't hear anything else. Josh went up and he was standing at the foot of our bed ASLEEP! He then proceeded to wet his pants. Josh put some clean underwear on him and put him back to bed...the whole time Malakai does not wake up! The next morning he told Josh that the bed ate his pants because he woke up in just his underwear. There have been numerous sleep walking occasions in the past few months. I'm thinking I may need a gate at the top of the stairs!!

*He loves playing soccer, boxing, and being the first at everything. EVERYTHING is a race...getting dressed, getting buckled in his car seat, up the stairs, etc.

*He talks continuously about how he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up so he can study the planets.

*He used an outhouse for the very first time over the weekend and has not stopped talking about it! Obsessed and amazed and says he always wanted one of those.

*I love watching him in action. However, I have to do this in secrecy in order to observe him for any length of time. He seems to have an irrational fear of being watched, and when he catches me, he shrieks “Ma-ma!!! DON’T LOOK AT ME!!” STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!"

*He can be a bossy fit-throwing Godzilla at times

*He hates being woke up! Most of the time we don't have to worry about this, but on the occasion he's a sleepy head and we have to wake him up for school, he screams at us to get out of his room and he will come to our room when he is ready. Luckily, I'm usually walking out the door on my way to work, so Josh gets to handle these episodes :)

*He is getting an opinion about what he wears! I flat out tell him that he is Four and a Boy and he doesn't get an opinion on what he wears. At least not for now, give me a few more years!!

*He is so much fun!!

*Amazingly smart and witty! The wheels are always turning and sometimes I have to remind myself I'm talking to a four year old and not an adult!

*I love spending time with him!

*He is SO funny!
*Last but not least, he is a wonderful big brother! He is SO patient with Leila! Even when she is pulling his hair or trying to take his toy, he is so gentle and calm with her.

I am so in love with my babies! Head over Heals!!


Best thing since I last blogged: I'm BLONDE again!!

Worst thing since I last blogged: Bella ate a pair of my favorite shoes!


Katie Thomson said...

Between you and my sister...I am dreading the attitude 4 year old stage! Every age comes with the good and bad though I bet! :o) He's too cute! I would like the rules for the Biggest Loser. That would be much appreciated! Who won at your work?

K to the M said...

That is very true! Like right now, Leila is at the stage where she doesn't understand no AND she isn't walking yet, so I can't set her down in public (like at Kai's Soccer games, where it's impossible to get a stroller into). However, she isn't talking back :)

I will send you those rules thru your email. We have the final weigh in on Thursday! I'll keep you posted :)

Sarah McK said...

What a cutie! I'm glad you are blonde again. I like you blonde! By the way, spray tans can look shockingly legit. We did them for my sister's wedding. If you want a healthier alternative. Hope to see you soon!