Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Update!

First things first...Malakai got a haircut for the summer. We all know how much I love his long hair, but I feel so guilty when he plays outside and it is plastered to his face and it is drenched in sweat. The long hair will be back when it cools down, but for now the short hair will have to do.

We left for Kansas City last Wednesday night and had a WONDERFUL time! We stayed with Josh's parents Wednesday and Thursday. Leila did an excellent job in the car! We were a little worried because she screams bloody murder EVERY time we are in the car! Most kids are supposed to fall asleep in the car, NOT MINE! I think she eventually realized we weren't getting out anytime soon, and we tried to make it a point to leave at her bed time so she slept soundly the entire way! Yeah Leila!

Being away from family is SO difficult! Both sets of grandparents are there and they all just adore Malakai and Leila! Sometimes I feel like it doesn't even matter if Josh and I are around just as long as the kids are. The are so lucky and we are truly blessed to have them!

Thursday night there was a huge storm rolling in so we took Malakai to do a little bit more kite flying. He loves spending time with his Ma Ma and Pa Pa. His cousins Mallory and Kaci also came along for the fun. Leila had a great time in the fresh air.

Friday was packed with tons of excitement! We started out at my Dad and Lisa's and headed to Emma's (KC friend) birthday party at Lifetime Fitness. It was great to see Malakai playing with all the kids and Josh and I have an equally nice time socializing with all the parents. Another reason why we miss home SO much! After leaving the birthday party, we were off to watch Kiera play t-ball. What a joy that was! I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! She is definitely the cutest one out there! Even when she is eating dirt :) We finished the evening with dinner at Chili's and some nice cold Margaritas.

Saturday was the big dance recital! I was a little nervous about taking Malakai and Leila because I know these things last FOREVER! However, even though I thought I would never have the opportunity to say this, but they were PERFECT. Leila sat on my lap and Kai on Josh's for the entire 3 hours and we didn't hear a peep out of them. I cried when Kiera danced and I enjoyed the show immensely. My dad was also in the show and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. They did a group father/daughter dance to Surfin USA and they were definitely the best out there. I was giving him a hard time because that morning he made her go downstairs with him so they could practice. He said that in all the weeks of rehearsal he was so worried about Kiera doing the right thing that he would mess up on his own moves. For those of you who have seen my dad, you know he's got moves!! They did great job and he has many more years ahead of him of father/daughter dances :)

The long weekend was perfect! We don't get up there enough and when we do we always spend the drive home trying to figure out a way to get back. Malakai stayed up there with my dad, Lisa, and Kiera and he has a week full of entertainment ahead of him. He wasn't even sad to see us go because Papi was taking him fishing and then they were all off to the movies.

Favorite part of the weekend: Seeing the smile on Malakai's face when he is with family!

Worst part of the weekend: Not sleeping in our own bed! There is just nothing like it :)


The Magill Family said...

So glad you had such a great time! Jealous that your family is only a 4 hour drive away - to see them all!! How great for you and Kai that he gets to spend a week with the grandparents! Enjoy having a bit more free time this week.

Anonymous said...

Umm..I ALMOST got to meet you guys! I found out thru Jay that you guys where in town and almost called Mal that Weds night when he said she was going to meet up with you guys. I so should of! I know she had a blast catching up with you guys and getting to see the kids! Make sure you let me know next time or have Mal call me so I can see you!! Jay and I are ready for a weekend away from it all so maybe we should just come over your way!

Colleen said...

I want a weekend away from it all too, want to cruise to nowhere with me????

Anyway, your family is gorgeous, and I love your extended family, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to be away from them. Lots of love!