Monday, June 2, 2008

Old MacDonald had a farm...And FREE beer!!

Another full past few days here at the Miller household. Late last week we enjoyed our 3 days of Spring that we will get for the rest of the year. It has now officially turned to Summer and my hair frizzes the second I walk out of the door! Blah!

My nieces are in town so I decided to pick Malakai up from school early on Wednesday and take them to Grant's Farm. It was a wonderful time had by all.

Everyone who ever goes to Grant's Farm complains about how the goats are so darn aggressive! Yet, we continue to let our children in there to feed them, and every year they are just as CRAZY as the year before. As you can see, Malakai found a little friend who was very fond of the taste of his shirt. Who knew that goats enjoy "Gap!"

He loves playing with Carley and Cayley! Cayley is actually the one who saved him from jumping over this fence while I was tending to Leila. You know, eventually I will get this two kid thing down, but right now it is hit and miss!

Speaking of multiple kids, Josh and I got a taste of what our life would be like with four! Here they are in our car. We would need twice the size of the car we have now. Is that even possible? I guess that's why we are sticking with 2 :)

Malakai also got to experience another first and this was dippin dots! My brother already thinks he is deprived of so many things, so when he heard the kid hadn't had dippin dots before he rushed right over there to get him some. Again, thank you Cayley for helping Malakai with his first dippin dots experience. As you can see he wasn't quite sure at first but she jumped to the rescue.

Did I mention the free beer! While the kids were enjoying there dots, mommy was enjoying her complimentary peach Bacardi beverages. Yes! I said beverageS...plural. Of course I was going to take advantage of the fact that they give you TWO! I wouldn't want it to go to waist.

Well, Leila is wiggling like crazy on my lap, she has really limited my computer time lately. I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend.

My favorite part of the weekend: Discovering The Glass Olive! This is my new favorite place to go and enjoy a nice Martini. They have an amazing atmosphere, a great patio, and a to die for Martini menu.

My worst part of the weekend: Family DRAMA!!


LRader said...

I'm voting to go for four. It even looks like there was room for one more! Why not? More for me to love.

Colleen said...

The Glass Olive looks smoking hot!!! I think you and Josh are super brave for taking all of them, and I am sure that you are handling two kids BEAUTIFULLY if you took FOUR!