Monday, October 29, 2012

A Year In Review...

Today marks my first official day of maternity leave!  Nia is scheduled to make her arrival, Thursday, November 1 @ 12:00pm.  People ask me how much time I am taking off work and you better believe I tell them 12 weeks.  That's what I'm entitled to, and that is what I'm taking.  The bets have started taking place, and Josh thinks I will be working from home by December and my staff thinks I'll be in the office (at least part time) by then as well.  We shall see :)

The nesting has kicked in and I FINALLY got the 700 pictures that were on my memory card of my camera transferred to my computer.  This is part of the reason I took such a break from blogging.  My computer crashed, I got it fixed, but I couldn't freaking get my pics from my camera to the computer after the whole debacle.  All it took was me spending some focused time on it, I just haven't had that in a while...focused time.

So, we will start with October 2011...enjoy the pics!

October 2011 was filled with:

  • Apple Picking

  •  Bonfire with Friends

  • Ice Skating

  • And a very cute Ninja and Minnie Mouse

November was filled with:

  • Grandparents Day at Leila's school

  • Thanksgiving with friends, which sadly I don't have pictures of.  We did not go home and we spent the holiday with our Canadian Friends, the Lavigne's.  We had a fabulous meal, followed by all our other wonderful friends coming over for a "Dessert Party!"  SO MUCH FUN!

December was filled with:

  • Christmas Concerts

  • Malakai turned 7 and had a joint party with his best buddy Landon

  • And of course, Christmas!  You might remember the matching PJ pants I sewed for them :)

January was filled with:

  • Malakai bringing his class friend home for the weekend

  • Pinewood Derby!!  Malakai came in 2nd place!

  • Lots of time spent with friends

February was filled with:

  • Silly Valentines

March was filled with:

  • Leila turning four!!!

April was filled with:

  • Coloring Easter Eggs

  • A visit from the Easter Bunny AND the special Poppy and Tutu Bunny

  • Easter Brunch

  • And the countdown to Baby Nia began...

May was filled with:

  • Field Day!  Which marked the last day of school!  Somehow, Josh and I always end up with the water balloon game!

  • The Chinese Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

June was filled with:

  • LOTS of Bandits Baseball!!

  • Their Pretty Cheerleaders

July was filled with:

  • A visit from the Rader family!!

August was filled with:

  • Annual Lake Trip which included Malakai's first attempt at skiing...

  • The 3rd Annual Rader Family Scavenger Hunt 

  • The First Day of School

Last but not least, September was filled with:

  • Lots of soccer and very few pictures...

Hope you have enjoyed the photo gallery.  Now I feel like I know longer have to focus on what I have not blogged about, but I can focus more on the NOW!


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