Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Baaa-aaack

I'm done with the whole "reflection" time of my blog, and ready to get back into it. I just had to step away for a couple of weeks and focus on some other things going on in my life. But no worries, I am back!

As always, the Miller family has been crazy busy! I will try to give you a "brief" synopsis, but if I tried to write about all of it, I would be having carpel tunnel surgery in my near future.

Malakai has turned into my five-year old big boy. He is obsessed with Mario and Luigi, video games, and taunting his little sister. His imagination is amazing! To hear the things he says blows my mind. His wheels are always turning. He invents things on a daily basis, started asking questions about death, and 90% of the time is the most respectful, well-behaved gentlemen. Let's not forget he is five, so that other 10% is brutal.

Leila...what can I say about Leila? She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. If she doesn't....look out!! She wants to do everything her big brother does, but on the other hand, she is SO girly. She plays with babies all day long, wants make-up "like mama," has a VERY strong opinion on every article of clothing she puts on from hair bows to shoes, and continues to blow my mind with her love and tenderness. I can't believe she is going to be two in just a couple of weeks! She is very much looking forward to her Abby Cadabby party :)

Josh and I have been busy as well. You know, work, family-time, co-ed volleyball, getting the new house "liveable." Pretty much just the normal stuff. We had some fabulous sushi on Valentines with one of our favorite couples, Autumn and James. The kids stayed the night with Grandma, so it was SO nice being able to sleep in and enjoy the quality time. My menu planning has gone AMAZING! I started the beginning of January and I have almost every week night since then! So if you ever have a great family-friendly recipe, shoot it my way! I'm always looking for new things!!

That's about it in a nutshell. A few more things come to mind, but then I wouldn't have anything left for my Ten on Tuesday! So, I will leave you with a few pics!


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Sarah S said...

Well it's about time you came back, because the only boring part was you not doing it!!! I can't believe how much older Kai looks in the top pic with him and Lei!!! So freakin cute, love those two...