Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. This is my 98th post!! Thinking of doing a contest for my 100th! That means one of my 3 readers has a REALLY good chance of winning something!!

2. I'm SO thankful for my children's AMAZING grandparents!! They truly are blessed. Thank you Poppy, Tutu, MaMa, and Papa for braving the little stinkers next week! I can not even express how lucky our children are to have you in their lives!! Please don't take it personal if their outfits are in individual zip-lock bags and they come with 8 pages of typed instructions :)

3. I booked a spa evening for Josh and I at The Face and The Body Spa next week! I have never been there, but thanks to all of you who voted, Josh won a $300 gift card there in the hottest hubby contest!! When I called to book our couples massage and pedicures, the lady preceded to ask me if we wanted Botox while we were in our "private" room?! I couldn't help but giggle. Ask me in about 10 years lady :)

4. Love the reality TV this summer, but I am itching for my regular shows to start back up! LOST, 90210, Grey's, Private Practice, and Gossip Girl!

5. Malakai started soccer tonight and is LOVING it! He played in-door last spring, but this is so Hard Core! compared to that! His coach is amazing. So structured, organized, and I love it! Go Orange Crush!!

6. I have two weeks left of no shopping!! I have to say, it is getting easier each day. The hard part is when we are at the lake next weekend and I have to brave all those amazing outlet stores. Thanks for all the positive encouragement! It has really helped me get through this!!

7. I'm having a hard time this week with T on T...just an FYI

8. Josh and I have made the decision to have both kids baptized in the Catholic church. It obviously has taken us a while to come to this decision, but we are both excited for it!

9. I've officially become a coupon cutter/printer! I have never done this before in my life, but since I haven't been shopping online, I have spent my online time trying to do things more productive. Coupons is something I have become very good at! I learned to make my list first though, and then go coupon searching! This seems to be working quite well, and I even got some things FREE this week! Very exciting!

10. Fantasy Football is just around the corner!! Who is interested in playing in the Woman's league this year? We are always looking for a few more players!!



Katie Thomson said...

Oohh...I love contests! I am at 94 and was thinking of doing the same thing. I bet my sister is thrilled that we are both thinking of the same thing. She has a GOOD chance of winning! :o)

Roberta said...

Can't wait for fantasy football.

Colleen said...

Oooooh, a comment from Roberta, LOL!!

Um, your prize could be a plane ticket to come see you!????!!! That doesn't fall under your "no shopping policy" does it!???


Roberta said...

And my Fantasy Football invite is where???

Sarah S said...

You will be strong for the outlet mall at the Lake! You've done very well! Proud of you!!!

Hope the grandparents are prepared for both the "momma girl diva" and Malakai, however not so much Kai as much as Leila! Good luck you guys!!

I to miss my regular shows!
And we all know that I love contest so I'm excited make it good!!!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

You are to cute for words!