Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just one of those days!

I truly woke up this morning and thought to myself...this is going to be a great day! HA! Who was I kidding?! I think the most frustrating part about Leila Jane's age right now is the inconsistency. We can have a few great days and nights and I start to believe we are getting into some sort of a routine, then BAM! She gets sick, or she just decides she doesn't want to do things that way anymore. I have to keep telling myself she is only 7 weeks. I'm not even sure I had ventured out of the house yet with Kai at that time. LOL! I also realize that I am VERY fortunate to be able to keep Kai in his full time pre-school program and I can devote 100% of my day to Leila. Some of you are probably wondering why I am paying for someone to watch my kid when I am home. Well, eventually I am going back to work and have you seen the wait lists around here?! I would hate to pull him out and just have to put him somewhere else. He LOVES Goddard and I love what it does for him socially.

This morning was absolutely GORGEOUS so since I can't go to the gym because they won't watch Leila until she is 8 weeks, we went to Fenton Park to walk their 2 mile trail. She loved it and I enjoyed the exercise. We picked Malakai up around 4 and headed home for a few hours of train playing before bed time. THE LONGEST FEW HOURS OF MY LIFE!! On top of the kids being in rare form, my dishwasher is broke, my washer isn't spinning right, and my dryer is taking literally 4 hours to dry one load!!

We started Leila on Zantac a couple of weeks ago due to her constantly spitting up. Now Malakai was a spitter, but I could deal with it. He just lived in a bib 24 hours a day and I never layed him down with out a burp cloth underneath him. However, nothing compares to what Leila can do. For the most part the Zantac has worked miracles, but because she has a cold (which Kai never had till he was 11 months old) I think the mucus is irritating it....which caused exhibit A. That is exactly where she was sitting. Actually, I was on the arm of the couch with her on my lap. She is totally dry because it shot so far out of her mouth that NOTHING got on her! She is totally unphased and I am beginning to be also because it happens SO MUCH! The doctors could care less about it because her weight gain is so great, blah! blah! blah!

So after getting this cleaned up and heading upstairs for some laundry, Malakai starts screaming bloody murder about a blister on his foot while still insisting on "helping" with the laundry. Exhibit B.

Once I had it all doctored up he gave up on the laundry and went to torment Leila. Exhibit C. I figured he didn't throw the shoes at her or she would have been screaming. So, I asked him why his shoes were on his sister and he said because she wanted to wear them and he was sharing. How do you argue with that?

Needless to say, Josh got home and the night ended with Exhibit D. Pump and Dump baby! That's all I have to say. Good Night!


Colleen said...

I am so sorry honey!!! I am glad you were able to relax and have a drink at the end of the day, that's what it is all about, isn't it???

Thomson Family said...

Oh the Joys!! Is this what I have to look forward to? I think my sister tried to warn me but I chose to ignore her :o)

The Magill Family said...

I'm sorry but I am hysterically laughing with you! I think these days seem to be more frequent me lately. Always seems to be something . . . especially when I have the 2 of them. Things go smoothly while Caymen is at school, then he gets home and Katarina decides to kick it up a notch and he decides to join in! Hope today is better for ya sweetie!

Colleen said...

UM, I would like to state for the record that I tried to warn Karissa as well, but I am stupid enough to try for #3, so don't pity me when I post these daily posts! LOVe YA!

K to the M said...

Kate?! Have you joined the blogging world?! Congrats on the baby by the way! There is NO warning for how your life is going to change :) Just gotta live and learn! 3 kids is a little dramatic Colleen! One should never have more than they do arms :)