Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday Is Back!!!!

Obviously I have a million things to catch everyone up on. However, this is not going to be the post. Although, I do hope for this to be the start of my blog again. I was doing so good on my Blog2Print kids are going to look at 2011 (and the beginning of 2012) and say WTF??!!

So here is our menu for the week!

Monday: Bandits Baseball (hope it doesn't get rained out)


Garlic Cheese Bread

Tuesday: Still an Eat Out Night....Leila has Dance

Crock Pot Wednesday: Cub Scout Night gotta eat and go! Love having dinner already ready when we walk in the door :)

Mixed Fruit

Thursday: Sand Volleyball Night!!

Black Beans

Chips and Salsa

Friday: Bandits Co-Ed Softball...1st game of the season!

We usually go out for wings and drinks after the game...




Sunday: Grill Day!!

Nathan's Hot Dogs

Pasta Salad

Shells and Cheese

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Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom said...

You guys definitely have a busy schedule... Sounds like a yummy menu!