Thursday, September 9, 2010


If you follow my BFF Colleens blog, you would be familiar with the fact that she has a pretty odd phobia. To make a long story short, she has a phobia of people knocking on her door. Every time I read her crazy, hilarious stories about her fear for the doorbell to be rang, I always try to think about if I have any silly phobias.

Yes, I have an issue with deleting emails. In fact, some will call me an email hoarder. As of right now, I have 21,316 in my Yahoo! inbox and 14,195 in my hotmail inbox. But guess what? I can find something from years ago if needed, and I've had to do it before! This isn't really a phobia though, unless you would count being afraid of hitting the delete button.

What is a phobia?

pho·bi·a   /ˈfoʊbiə/ Show Spelled

a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

Why all this talk about phobias you ask? I recently discovered one of my own. That's right folks, I have a silly phobia. Guess what it is? I have a fear of checking my voicemail!!!!! This holds true for my cell phone voicemail and my work voicemail. Luckily at work I have a job where I am very seldom actually in my office, so people have learned to call my cell phone or send me an email. But when I see that red light on when I walk in, my heart starts racing and I have to talk myself in to checking it....sometimes 3 days later! I could have 19 or 20 messages on my cell phone before I get up the nerve to check my messages! Why is this? I have no idea!!! I don't have telemarketers calling, I don't have bill collectors calling (Lord knows I had enough of that in college), I don't have a number that previously belonged to someone else and no one got the memo. Most my messages are from my loving family or caring friends and sometimes I don't hear them for weeks after they are left.

There it is. You all learned something new about me :) Every now and then I like to share something with my handful of readers that they maybe didn't know. It makes me feel like we are bonding.

So, what is your silly phobia? I would love to hear!!



Melissa said...

I have two phobias that may be considered silly for a 29 year old woman. I am very seriously scared of clowns. To the point of hyperventilation if I am near one. I am also scared of the dark. If it is completely pitch dark, I freeze, my heart starts racing, and I start yelling for someone to turn on the light! Weird, right?

Colleen said...

I am also scared to flush the toilet in the middle of the night! Just in case anyone needs another reason to think I am crazy-because I SOOOOOOOOOO am!

Sarah McK said...

I don't know that I have a phobia, but I think your may just be tied back to all of those bill collector calls in college! :)