Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mail Call!!!

I would give ANYTHING to have family that lived close by! I HATE that we are spread all across the United States. One of the few good things that come from this is receiving care packages! My kids absolutely LOVE getting things in the mail. As I'm sure, most do. So you can imagine the glow in their little eyes when this package, from Aunt Heather and Uncle J Paul came for them!!

I immediately got my camera to take pics because it was so cute and creative!! We LOVED deciding which individual items were picked out by Aunt Heather and which ones came from Uncle J Paul ;)

Here is a pic BEFORE the kids tore into it!

Not only was the stuff so cute, but there was TWO of EVERYTHING! That meant NO fighting over who gets what! Thank you guys for that!! You have no idea what a lifesaver that was.

There were only two items that were different, but it was obvious one was for Leila and the other was for Malakai.

Here is another view of all the fun loot. The shot glasses were a little side item thrown in for mommy and daddy!

Thanks Aunt Heather and Uncle J Paul! We love you TONS and Miss you SOOOOOOO much!!<>

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